The NPA believes that expressive soil is sacred, responsible farming is a requirement and hands off winemaking are the only options. In the creation of wine, there are innumerable natural processes that are elegant in their simplicity and astonishing in their effectiveness. Our role is but one of these processes and is no more significant than any other. We have joined a natural alliance that has been ignored for far too long.
Return to the days of local food and wine, where everything is fresh and vibrant. There is a time and place for canned or jarred food and you have your choice between that and fresh produce. Finally you have that choice with wine in the Bay Area.

With our bottle exchange program, you own the bottle and exchange it for refills at a variety of Bay Area locations. Maintained at the winery, the wine is bottled to order, straight from barrel, in reusable 750ml stainless steel bottles.

No Chemicals in the vineyards, honest, transparent winemaking, grape juice for adults.

The wine is strictly local and only available within a 100 mile radius of the winery. Both restaurants and consumers can now choose fresh wine and eliminate wasted glass and corks in doing so.

Our bottles are produced by a like-minded environmentally conscious company called Klean Kanteen. From the production line to the home office, they set high environmental and fair labor standards for themselves.